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Most popular free software downloads

Technology has become so big in the last few years with websites, services, social media and new devices popping out almost daily. It is so that if you buy a device today, in less than 12 months you will feel like you are using something that is way behind the current standard and this drives every escort San Francisco insane. It is not different with software, but in most cases that is free, so you don't have to worry much about having to spend additional several hundreds of dollars for a new one. Even when it is not free, escorts always use an upgrade program, so it is spread evenly across the year and once new software comes out, or even updates, you are the first one who gets it.


What was popular in 2017?

The last year was not that exciting when it comes to technology and software, because there were no big new introductions. Yes, Apple did come up with a new iPhone that is quite revolutionary and Samsung did quite a lot, as well. But generally, there were no big software improvements and barely any major new products. However, you were still able to enjoy some new programs and tools, which made your life easier. Let's start with antivirus programs, a new and free software that protects your devices was the BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition. This was, among all the new ones out there, the far best antivirus on the market and it is free. Escoerts from the Escort Directory have all upgraded to this one and are more than satisfied with its performance. You might be using Microsoft Office programs at the moment, but once you hear about WPS Office Free, you will want to switch. The biggest disadvantage of MS Office is its price, but WPS is free for everyone, forever. The thing that escorts love about it is that it's compatible with MS Office programs like Word, PowerPoint and Excel, so you will be up and running right away after you install it.


Programs that you will want to download

One of the most popular software products this year was Google Chrome, even though it came out several years ago. The engineers from Google don't miss on improving it every year and making it really the fastest and safest search engine there is. Escorts will also tell you that MusicBee is one of the best music players out there, so if you don't use iTunes, you should go online and download it right now.

When it comes to pictures, everyone loves taking them, but when it comes to editing many skip that step, without realizing how much better they can make their picture look. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars yearly to use the Photoshop programs, because there is the GIMP image editor and it is free for everyone. Every escort out there will tell you that after they switched to this popular software, they started using image editors more frequently and they love it. Lightworks is the best free software for video editing. You don't have to be a filmmaker or youtuber to need to use it, because it is nice to even make your family videos better looking.

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