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NumLock Software consists mainly of me, Pelle Coltau. I'm the main programmer, graphics artist, sound and music developer and the main idea-man. :-) But I also get a lot of help from friends, family and their talents. So who am I? My name is Pelle Coltau, born in 1980 in Denmark. I study computer science at the University of Aalborg, and I like coding - especially coding games. That is also why I'm currently studying computer game development at the university.

I started programming computers back in the 90's on a Commodore 64. Back then it was good ol' Basic we were coding, and the step from Basic to Pascal isn't that big, that is probably why I like Pascal so much :-) But I have also coded some Java and C++, so I'm not totally lost in the world of Pascal. Besides coding I also like making 3D graphics (using Povray) and composing music (using Reason).


Styx Reloaded

I learned to know Styx by playing the Commodore 64 version of the game. And it always puzzled me how the "filling of the territory" worked - or to be more precise how to write an algorithm to do so. After thinking about it for a few days I found a solution - probably not the same that they used in the original Styx, but hey, it works. So I implemented it and that was the beginning of Styx Reloaded.

There are some cheat codes put into the game. They can give you more LIVES or make you start in a given LEVEL. Using cheats will disable the high score list. Don't write to me and ask how to turn cheats on - that is for me to know and for you to find out ;-)


Mortar Mayhem

The development of Mortar Mayhem actually started because Jens Juul Jacobsen and me where puzzled by a very little part of Mortar Mayhem - how to make dirt fall. :-) It might seem a bit weird, but we just discussed it one day and then decided to go home and code it. And that was the beginning of Mortar Mayhem.

The reason for continue coding the game, was that we (more or less) liked the game Scorched Earth, but did not like the fact that is was shareware and that you had to pay for it. So we made Mortar Mayhem the way we would have liked Scorched Earth to be and then released it as freeware.

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