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Top free games

Many people don't realize that gaming is a separate industry and it is worth quite a lot. There are individuals who have proven that as a game developer, with a little luck and lots of creativity, you can make a fortune and earn hundreds of millions of dollars with one single game. But for us, normal mortals, the fun in games is to play them. Even though the biggest and most popular games are sold for quite a lot, the smaller and more commercial ones are often free. You might experience some adverts throughout playing them but that should not be that big of a problem.


Games you should download

Here we will only mention PC games, without those sold in the App Store, Google play or the Microsoft store. This way you can focus on the big ones that you can really enjoy playing on your huge screen. One of the best free games that are currently available is ArcheAge. There are many MMO elements in this game, from piracy, to magic swords and armors and many other things. One more free game that you can download is Armored Warfare, a war game played only in tanks. It can be a little futuristic, but you can still choose different eras and play in the time period you enjoy the most.

It won't cost you anything to download and play War Thunder. This is a massively played multiplayer game set in the WW2, so it is a war game as well. The graphics might not be what you experienced with Call of Duty, but it is still amazing and quite interesting. Smite is a game very similar to League of Legends and Dota 2, but it is free and has even some improvements. In this case your point of view is that of a third person, even if you are battling, so you have the opportunity to better plan your moves and have a better overview of the game.

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